[Post] You’ll Have That Has Decided To Keep That

I got this disturbing bit of news from Mr. Wes Molebash. Apparently after being in webcomics all this time the drama inherent in the system has been repressing him, but no more. You should enjoy this little press release:

If any of you guys follow webcomics and webcomic-related news, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of drama in webcomics. There’s name-calling, whining, complaining, and playa-hating. It’s like high school, really. But I’ve noticed that a lot of the webcomics that are involved in a lot of drama are actually some of the more popular strips on the internet. So, I’ve decided to start a little drama of my own in hopes of getting a little more publicity. Here goes:

I’m quitting YHT. There. I said it. I’m done. I’m burnt out by all the naysaying and frustrations of making a living at drawing webcartoons. It’s near impossible and I have better things to do with my life. Like play videogames and eat fattening food.

So this is it, people. Today – Friday, March 24th, 2006 – is the last You’ll Have That comic strip you’ll ever see . . . until Monday, March 27th, 2006. That’s when I’m estimating that I’ll be out of this funk and I’ll be ready to update my comic again. And then I’ll probably quit again, and then return again, and on and on and on . . . I’ll literally be the Michael Jordan/Ross Perot of webcomics. (Yes, that was a Ross Perot joke fourteen years after his run for presidency.)

Before I go, I just want to apologize for letting you guys down. You’ve been great fans. I’m sorry you won’t get to see any new content between now and Monday, but I’ve never updated on the weekend, anyway.

Now let the drama commence!


10 thoughts on “[Post] You’ll Have That Has Decided To Keep That

  1. I\’m GLAD he\’s retiring… It\’s better to go down in a flurry of excitement than to burn away into a nobody. I can\’t wait to hear some story about how between the 25th and 26th he irrated the wife with his constent gameing. Makeing her excliam, Now that your retired all you do is lay arround the house! I hope you all don\’t send him mail saying we wish you would come out of retirement. I mean what would that get you but a YHT reunion special!?! We all know those stink! I perfer to remember YHT as the strip that for the last two weeks that I discovered it, as holding my attention for more that five minutes. As the strip that made me go… HEY! he like\’s WEEZER too! I just hope that while in retirement he doesn\’t get so old that he feels like he can use the motarized carts at Wal-mart or ask for the Sr. platter at Denny\’s. Have a nice retirement ol\’ man.


  2. Fanboys like to crawl up on my shoulders and use me as a platform to grandstand from in order to gain favors/links from the big boys.

    Tell him to send me an email. It worked for Donny, Straub, and Coffman. It could work for him too.

    I\’ll have to start charging, though. Time is money.

  3. I always wondered what exactly causes a webcomic to become more popular than anything else, because as far as I\’m concerned, the more obvious reasons (genre, good story, good characters) have never been consistant to me! The fact that they ALL raised some drama makes more sense!

  4. I admit, drama draws a crowd, but what it doesn\’t bring is staying power. Drama, feuds and stunts might get people to take a look or two, but in most cases it doesn\’t keep readers.

    Granted there are exceptions, but there always are.

    I doubt Molebash is doing this as a publicity stunt though. Just doesn\’t seem like his style to me. I\’ll chalk it up as a joke. That\’s just my take though.

  5. I think the \”Michael Jordan / Ross Perot\” of webcomcis title was already taken by Mitch Clem a long, long time ago.

  6. Not that I\’m too familiar with said comic, I will say that since April Fool\’s day is less than a week away I\’m taking everything I hear with a grain of salt.

  7. Well, well! So that\’s how you\’re gonna play it, eh Wes! Just a little coincidence that I stopped my strip, Dandy & Co., only to have just announced it\’s return!?! Fine, if it\’s a rivalry you want, it\’s SO on!!!!

    There… you think this will give us \”Drama\” points? 😉

  8. Wait hes just quitting? He didnt call Drew a freak or make fun of Scott Kurtz? C\’mon give some real drama! Fine. I\’ll start my own drama. I think Drew Price is a big pile of turd! Take that Drew. wow Lame-o. Guess that\’s why I\’m not a web comic artist. Can\’t do the drama 🙂

    John Morris

  9. You guys do relize that he\’s not quitting, right? He\’s just making a joke about how he\’s not making strips over the weekend. He never has made strips over the weekend.

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