[News] Sinfest is back

For those of you who have taken it off your bookmarks list, Sinfest is back.

The super popular, often linked to webcomic with a name so that sounds so dirty you almost want to remove it from your browser history has returned after an unannounced sabbatical, today. Sinfest stopped updating back in mid January.

A while back a reader asked what happened. I did some poking around the site, but found no explanation. Even today all creator Tatsuya Ishida gave us was a confusing statement that there was something he had to do and that who ever it was for didn’t mean anything to him. It was actually pretty funny and well written.

So if you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the return of Slick and the gang, today appears your lucky day. If you’ve never read Sinfest, head on over anyway and check it out.

In the mean time, I’ll try to scrounge some more stuff up.


4 thoughts on “[News] Sinfest is back

  1. I\’m not sure, but based on the \’explanation\’ on the front page it sounds to me like he was doing some sort of secret comic project meant for syndication.

  2. I was about to convey my fear that this announcement was just like the \”holy crap, Chopping Block is finally updating again\” thing where the site updated twice, everyone talked about it, and then it stopped updating again. But, to cover my own ass, I just checked back with Chopping Block to find that HOLY CRAP, they really are updating regularly again.

    So, nevermind….for the most part.

  3. It\’s occuring to me that I think Sinfest is actually done by Frank Cho.

    I don\’t know why I think that though. It fires on the same pistons in my brain for some reason.

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