[News] Web Comic Wrap-up

Time to clear out our little mailbox. I can still remember the days when we would go out looking for the news. Now we’re just lucky to make it through what gets submitted. Sometimes I wonder if we should just take the Comixpedia way but then I remember what some of our fans told us when we were first looking for extra writers. There’s Comixpedia for everyone, and then there’s sites like us where people go for opinions even if they disagree. Well here’s to trying to keep up with our little community.

Rampage Comic Network – Rampage Network is holding its first monthly contest. It’s a simple, fill-in-the-bubble joke contest open to anyone. First place receives Volume 1 of Alpha Shade, and the runner up gets Dead Days: Book 1 (with tattoos) by Rampage’s very own John Rios.

The Outer Circle – Today is the one year anniversary of The Outer Circle. In honor of it Steve is running guest strips along with the regular strips for a week. Some of the guest artists are Ali Graham, David Buist, Tyson Smith, Frank Page and d!o (link at your expense) to name a few. Don’t forget to check the DS inspired story arc while you’re there.

Comixpedia – The news and forums are moving to a new site using Drupal (the code that powers the Onion among other sites). Depending on how fast the DNS dust settles you can get to it at comixpedia.com but if that doesn’t work yet use altertainment.org. Existing logins still work – although you’ll get an error message after your first log-in (and first log-out) but just click on the “my account” link and you won’t have any problems.

Hyena Comics – The webcomic group of Taking the Bi-Pass, Bob the Squirrel, Bored and Evil and many others has opened its submission process and is looking for additional webcomic(s) to join their family. If interested visit and submit your webcomic for consideration. With all the booming communities here is one that’s been around since September 2004.

PixelSrips – Keven Volo has taken on the daunting task of putting together an eBook on how to market a webcomic dubbed “Marketing Your Comic”?. Many artists and creators are using the web to get their work out there. They create something, they build a site and upload all of it, and wait. Just because you post your work, doesn’t mean they will come. Part one of “?Marketing Your Comic”? is out now as a free download.


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