[news] I Don’t Want to Jinx it Yet, But…

I am paying very very close attention to these things just this particular minute. Think about it, won’t you?

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2 thoughts on “[news] I Don’t Want to Jinx it Yet, But…

  1. As a sort of disclaimer, my interest level in this whole thing doesn\’t really go beyond simple amusement. I usually don\’t care about or even get involved in any of these type of \”controversies\”, but there was one thing that was said which bothered me enough to not keep my mouth shut.

    Although not a huge fan of PVP, I admire Scott Kurtz and his accomplishments turning PVP into a money making machine but, I was put off by this comment from Scott Kurtz, \”Rather than try to make a name for himself by actually CREATING something, Mr. T. has to piggy-back himself on the webcomics creators out there giving it their all.
    This was kind of funny and yet, at the same time, makes me wonder if Scott has done any research himself. T. Cambell, besides his editorial duties for Graphic Smash, writing duties on Penny and Aggie, as well as Rip & Teri, spent more than a few years as the brains behind the popular webcomic FAANS.

    I have had the opportunity to work with T. Cambell on an episode of FAANS, \”The Land of Cotton.\” I found \”Mr. T\” to be a very good writer who understands what makes a compelling story. He would have to know something:I mean, FAANS was a pretty popular comic. If you don\’t know much about me, I\’m not one who does a lot of collaborations for numerous self-indulgent, controlling reasons, but I did collaborate with Mr. T. and enjoyed the experience.

    So you don\’t think that this is any type of T. Cambell ass-kissing session; I find the fact that we\’re about to get a book about the History of Webcomics, which is barely taking its first steps, kind of humorous.

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