3 thoughts on “DS 61: Review of Today

  1. Wow, from on low profile niche website to another. I\’m really picking up steam here!

    I joke of course.

    i just checked out Today after listening to today\’s podcast. I love the concept.

    Plus anything that gets me more attention is awesome in my book. I\’m a shallow whore but that\’s who I am.

  2. Thanks for the review guys. Very kind. Very kind. One thing I wanted to clarify is how sometimes the story I use is from the day before. Usually I have a story already to go and even in some cases the comic already drawn but then I see something that is better. So, I ditch the original idea and go with the new. I\’m hoping to do a one year collective book in the beginning of May if I can get enough orders. I\’ll probably be putting those lost stories and strips in the book too.

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