[News] Eyeskream Second Anniversary Contest

It’s that time of year again where all you’re juicy web comic dreams come true. Contests galore are upon us and to start it off is Eyeskream’s Second Anniversary Contest. You might remember last year’s contest was for members only but this year even little Johnny can put his two cents in. Don’t worry though because your favorite two podcast hosts are joining the judge’s panel to keep Erik in line. From the press release:

We have over $200 worth of prizes to give, like a Wacom Tablet, an Eyeskream T-Shirt and a One Year subscription to Zoinks! Magazine! and a Free Eyeskream membership pass. This means if you choose this prize, you will become a full time Eyeskream member. We will select four winners and they will pick one after the other a prize of their choice. So if the best strip winner already has a Wacom Tablet, he or she can choose the T-Shirt or the Free Eyeskream member pass or.. well you get the picture. The theme of the strip will be :

“Erik’s day at the Eyeskream office, or how to manage a webcomic group!”

Naturally there are some rules to follow :

#1: You must draw something similar to the Eyeskream office (mind you, that is my basement to be precise).

#2: You must include me, Erik Bouchard, in the strip since I am the manager.

#3: You must also draw at least three Eyeskream characters from our actual members roosters.

#4: The strip must be in color and have a minimum of 5 panels.

#5: You have up to April 1st to send your submission. All strips receive after that date will not be considered. Simply send it to : erik@eyeskream.com

For more details go Eyeskream


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