[News] Brad Guigar Turns Six Years Old

The web comics industry is relatively young when compared to every other comics medium. That’s why it’s so nice to have a few veterans around we can point to as examples of who is getting it done and doing it right. One of those is Brad Guigar who is arguably one of the most influential people in web comics last year. February 14 marked six years of daily webcomics which started with his original strip, Greystone Inn, on February 14, 2000, and has updated every Monday-through-Saturday ever since with few exceptions.

Last year, he brought Greystone to a close and launched a new strip, Evil Inc, and a new weekly feature, Courting Disaster. His newest book, The Evil Inc Annual Report 2005, a graphic novel based on the daily comic, will be premiered at the New York Comic Con Feb. 24-26, where Guigar will be appearing with fellow Blank Label Comics members. He will also be participating in a panel on web comics where Zampzon and I plan to heckle him until he gives us control over his empire.


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