[News] Always Room For Two More in the Boxcar

When I was a kid, I always wanted to become one of the Boxcar Children. Unfortunately my inability to solve mysteries and my still living parents prevented me from doing so. Fortunately Boxcar Comics, has no such requirements and has welcome two new strips into their collective.

The two strips are Aikida by J. Meinzer and Hate Song by Fred Grisolm.

Aikida is strip that’s done it all through it’s various incarnations. Currently it’s telling a longer, fantasy story involving, ninjas, demons, magic and “of course” busty women. Chapter two is just starting and with all the lore and the cast page I was able to get into it a lot faster than I normally do these strips. The site also features an archive of previous flavors of Aikida, dating back to its origins in 2001 as a gaming strip.

Hate Song follows the adventures of the generally shirtless Orest Laudermelk as he deals with the problems of the everyday Canadian, like having his figure turned into a rectum. It’s a newer strip, with archive going back to early last year.

Boxcar is one of my favorite webcomic collectives and I’m excited to see them add some fresh blood.


1 thought on “[News] Always Room For Two More in the Boxcar

  1. Boxcar swings down and nabs two creators from BC, Canada. Creative hotbed, or just a dead end land with nothing else to do?

    You decide.

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