[Contest] We Love Webcomics 2!

That’s right, it’s time once again for the most popular contest in the webcomics community. The annual Digital Strips ‘We Love Webcomics’ contest has returned and we didn’t just double the prizes this time. Through purchase and donations we have amassed an even bigger webcomic booty, so much so that now there are going to be 2! prizes. Here’s the details:

How do I enter?: Here is all you have to do. Fill in this image:

Download the raw PhotoShop file

with anything to your hearts desire. That’s the only rule. Use any characters (preferably your own), add a background, add color, turn it into a multi-panel comic, go wild!. Just like last year each entry we receive gives you possibilities to win.How do I win?: Ok, this time we have two prizes. The first prize will go to our favorite comic (Judges: Mr. Hian, The Geek, Phil Khan, Daku, and Zampzon). Nominations will be based on art and writing, but most importantly creativity. The second prize is in memory of last year’s contest and is a random drawing from all the entries. That’s right, once again by just sending in an entry you could win. EVERYONE has an equal chance to win!The Prizes:

Digital Strips Prize

As you can see, that’s quite a booty of yummy comic delectables.

Random Drawing PRIZE

That’s one steamy pile of great webcomic squashy love.

How long do I have?: This contest will end one month from the time of this posting on March 27th. This gives everyone four weeks to come up with a great idea in their own style, much like our lovable Phil Kahn decided to do with this masterpiece:

So send us you entry by Midnight on March 27th and then we’ll take a few days to go over the entries and announce the big winners. Make us laugh, make fun of us, stick your own characters in and have fun. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. And GOOD LUCK!


5 thoughts on “[Contest] We Love Webcomics 2!

  1. Multiple entries are allowed for the first prize but only one entry per artist for the random drawing. There\’s no need to specify which entry you want to sue for this as the winner will be determined by putting each artist\’s name once in a hat and then drawing out a winner.

  2. Wow! Great contest!

    Are you looking more for a webcomic themed illustration or an actual comic? Or, does it even matter?

    Thanks, guys!

  3. Your entry can be whatever you like, as long as it can still be called a webcomic. It really doesn\’t matter as long as the entry is either funny or tells a good story.

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