DS 59: Review of Belphegor

Digital Strips : Show 59
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In this episode Phil chooses the online comic Belphagor for a full review. We also talk about the latest webcomic charity event, The Biggest Webcomic Loser. It’s an event where webcomic creators lose weight for a good cause.
In this episode we talk about:

  • Belphegor by Declan O’Connell
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    11 thoughts on “DS 59: Review of Belphegor

    1. So Phil wants to hate our KeenCast, eh? Your challenge, sir, is accepted… I\’m not sure what you are challenging me to, but I gotta seem all mad and jazz…. GRRR!

    2. I just want to point out that our theme song came from the very talented Cat Garza, not Straub.

      We welcome and encourage as many webcomic podcasts as can be made, there\’s more than enough room on the internet for all manner of indie comic discussions. Heck, if we get enough of them going on out there we could all band together and form a webcomic audio network of comic-y yumminess.

      I wish nothing but success to the Keen-folk. Phil must have had his grumpy pants on when he saw it come out.

    3. Hey, I love Digital Strips! Very good cast, been listening for ages….

      But I can not stand by and let my new arch nemesis Phil Kahn go unchecked!


      ===]:-)> <--- abe lincoln!

    4. William G had a special webspider commissioned to scan the internet for instances where his name, or the shouting of my last name joke, appear.

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