Welcome To the News… Also the Olds…

These, right here, are the notes I found scrawled in my back pocket–

*In a flagrant declaration of open war against Zampzon & Daku, Keenspot launches Keencast. Punks! This aggression will not stand! Or something…
*Comixpedia has an RSS Feed. Tell no one.
*Reprographics, a semi-autobiographical photocomic by Chris Yates, has arrived. In just over 1 year, this is how Chris makes his living… unless Chris simply fills his news section with mendacities in which case: shame on you, Chris Yates.

Interviews & Sundries


*Gabe and Tycho did a Q&A session at MIT in September a transript of which is now available and worth your important time.
*Comixpedia chitted the chat with Joe Zabel of the ‘zaminer.


*Ugly Hill is available for purchase. Not the entire place, just, like, a book or something.
*DJ Coffman also wrote a book for you to purchase. It is about your mother and very informative.

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Ian has studied Latin, German, Classical Greek, French, Linguistics, and Theater. When he was a kid he wanted to be a dinosaur and, later, an English teacher. At some point, this proved unfeasible and so he went on to be a juggler, a musician, a bartender, an inventory manager, and, once, an efficiency consultant. He has loved comics since he wanted to be a dinosaur and his love continues to this very day, from Alan Moore\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Miracle Man (nee Marvel Man) to the Far Side. He even makes some of his own.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To the News… Also the Olds…

  1. Anyone else notice that Keenspot\’s first podcast only mentions Keenspot comics? The WCC awards, and Zoinks being links to things that feature Keenspot comics. They may change this practice with the next podcast, but it\’s not a very good start if you ask me.

  2. dude, why would I try to lie about the fact that I am a starving artist who makes a meager yet liveable income off of jigsaw puzzles and toys? shame on YOU.

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