This Is The Jive All The Hip Kids Are Talking

the recent Blank Label Comics Podcast featured some humorously neutral remarks about “the Artistic History of Webcomics” at the Webcomics Examiner which William G has taken personally. So personally, in fact, that he has vowed to begin commentating on webcomics once again, this time for spite.On a personal note: I love the Blank Label Comics Podcast and Scott Kurtz.

Addendum: Eric Burns sets a full course meal of insight on this situation and webcomics critique.


Ryan Estrada’s billion-hour comic is now available from Lulu.

For those not yet in the know about Ryan Estrada, Zampzon & Daku give him what for in a Digital Strips Podcast where he discusses things like sleeping on a park bench in Japan during a typhoon and sitting in a trailer and drawing for 175 hours at the rate of 1 page every hour.

Daku has more to add here and here.


R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties dedicates 1337th strip to Gabe and Tycho.


Gossamer Commons will be switching artists at the end of its current chapter (chapter 2) saying a tearful farewell to Greg Holkan whose run has been stunning and consistent working with the words of Eric Burns to bring a really fun story every MWF. Greg will be missed and Eric is looking for a new artist. Opportunities abound, folks.


Nothing Nice to Say and Joe and Monkey have been doing a week long crossover. Crossover. Not ‘guest strips.’ Pay attention, this will be on the test. I won’t presume that this is a first, but crossovers in strip comics which affect long term continuity are rare. Clem & Miller deserve your attention on this one.

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  1. You know, I\’m kinda curious how you would categorize \”piece of shit\” as neutral. Got a different dictionary from me, do yah?

    On second thought, don\’t answer that. I don\’t think I could read it without getting a headache.

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