The Girlier Side

Josh Lesnick’s ‘Girly’ has joined Dayfree Press bringing 10% more pink to the home of Dinosaur Comics, Questionable Content, and Able & Baker.

“Girly” is an excellent example of an ‘infinite canvas’ strip that works. The canvas is in service to the strip, not an excuse for the strip. Scott Kurtz admitted to liking this infinite canvas strip on a Digital Strips Podcast. It is recommended.
and cetera…
Speaking of Scott Kurtz, he is apparently making the podcast tour appearing at the following internets–the Marketplace
Digital Strips with our own Zampzon & Daku

the Fan Base and now the Blank Label Comics Podacst with Kris and Dave. And, somehow, he almost never misses an update.
After three years, the fantasy webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is leaving Modern Tales & making its archives free to all readers. The move coincides with the launch of the next storyline which begins on Monday, October 17.

The new archives are hosted at
And comic strip innovator, Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland is finally released in its original form, hand restored. check this stuff out and be inspired.

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