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Hi. I’m the other new guy, Mr. Hian. Neither as mighty as Zampzon nor Roguish as Daku or even as geeky as the Geek, I have to settle with being addressed as “Mr.” and that’s okay. But let’s bid the introductions adieu and get on with some heavy webcomics reporting because the internets have been busy!

The drama surrounding Jack Thompson and Our Boys continues and, Tycho promises, will come to a thrilling conclusion soon. You will remain posted, but in the meantime, let’s play *catchup–


Jack Thompson, a Florida attorney, has offered to give $10,000 to charity if a video game company will make and release his proposed game of exceptional violence.

Fancy Lad, John Gabriel of Penny Arcade lambasts lamentable lawyer.

I would like to take the opportunity to point out that Jack Thompson is an attorney from the same state (Florida) that convicted Mike Diana of ‘committing art.’

Just laying that on the table.

Pertinant blurbs ensue — links embedded.

Attorney Proposes Violent Game

Penny Arcade in verbal fisticuffsmanship with reprehensible Attorney…

Reprehensible Attorney catches poo flung by parents


Legal Beagle Jack Thompson won’t stop talking.

Mathematician/Blogger, Tycho Brahe illuminates while Patron Saint of 9/11, John Gabriel ruminates.

Jack Thompson remains dumb.


The new news on Jack Thompson sets the negative nabob and legal beagle against the Dynamic Duo of webcomics! Oh no! Stay tuned, sports fans, to the website with more wang.

But, seriously, Jack Thompson has proven himself to be completely insane. Were I to read tomorrow that Jack Thompson filed for legal action against the Sun because, as the source of all life, it is to blame for video game violence and he is merely attempting to stop these problems at their root, I would be nonplussed.

.:the 12 Haps of Thompson:.
01) Jack Thompson smears himself all over television decrying Rock Star Games, specifically Grand Theft Auto.
02) Penny Arcade, inc. makes fun of this.
03) Jack proposes to donate 10k to a charity if a game company will make a violent game of his own perverse design.
04) Penny Arcade, inc. mocks – Gabriel infuriates
05) Jack threatens legal action based on intergalactic space law.
06) Penny-Arcade raises a collective eyebrow.
07) Game company makes game.
08) Jack renegs on modest proposal – reveals ignorance of the word “satire.”
09) Penny Arcade, inc. makes donation in Jack’s name.
10) Jack contacts the police regarding Penny Arcade.
11) Penny Arcade, inc. raise their last eyebrow.
12) Jack Thompson declares himself king of donuts. Makes demands.

Everything you need to know about Jack

Because we love Ryan Estrada here, you should also see Welton Colbert’s correspondence with Jack
-Mr. Hian

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  1. Wow, great job recounting the whole Jack issue. I was going to say something about it but you laid it out a lot better than I would have done.

    Welcome, I\’ll have to kick it up a knotch to keep up with you.

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