You’ll Have That Will Have a New Address

Wes Molebash of “You’ll Have That,” has announce today that his web comic will have a brand spankin’ new URL. From now on “You’ll Have That,” can be found at which is a fair bit simpler that the old URL

The name was decided on through a poll on Molebash’s web site conducted over the last week. The site will still technically be found at the old site, hosted by Viper Comics, an independent comic book publisher out of Texas, but typing in the new address will get you there.

Molebash also currently has a link to an interview he did with “The Longbox Preacher” of Movie Poop Shoot. In the interview they talked about all kinds of stuff including the thought process that goes into making “You Have That.” It’s a good read if you want to see a little bit behind the scenes of how a comic gets made.

“You’ll Have That” is a great comic. If you’re not reading it yet, take advantage of the new address and check it out.


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