First 24-Hour Comic For Hire Completed

The historic first 24-hour comic for hire was auctioned last week with the winning bid going to Kasra Ghanbari of Vei Studios, who is working on a project about the Jack Kirby character Modok. It is events such as this that convince me there must be some method to the madness that is Ryan Estrada. After receiving so many bids Ryan decided to sell 12-hour comics to friends for $50 bucks leading into the creation of this little gem of a comic featuring giant robots.

It is the constant outpouring of ideas that keeps Ryan on top of the game and all of us coming back for more. Could this new outlet for the 24-hour comic be the answer to the elusive business model every web comic artist has been looking for? If so then it means you have to be out your mind crazy before you can succeed.


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