New Subscription Based Group In

It would appear that our little round-up was right on the tail of a new collective popping up on the radar. A week ago we saw a new subscription based site appear to compete with Modern Tales. is a new community from Kevin Volo featuring horror, sci-fi, superhero, and manga web comics. Most of the comics update weekly with new comics to be added in the coming months. The current cost is $3.95 per month or as low as $34.95 per year, but this is at least a dollar more per month then it’s most popular competitor.

In the press release Kevin states how he hopes such a community will help bridge the gap between the readers of different styles and offer a path for web comic artist to side-step long established publishers and costly printing fees by getting their work directly to the people using the web. The current roster includes Winston Blakely, Victor Poon, Randy Gentile, and Husk’s artist and colorist John Rauch.


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