Drama at Yirmumah

The popular web comic Yirmumah by Coffman and McDeavitt from now on will be just by Coffman.

D.J. Coffman announced today to the whole of the Internet that his partner Bob McDeavitt will be leaving the strip. The announcement, which came in both post and comic form, was made over the weekend to members of the web site.

Coffman also wanted to assure his readers while he will be taking soul responsibility for the writing of the strip, along with his current responsibilities as artist. He also said that he intends to continue the strip’s current five-times-a-week schedule.

For all the information about Bob’s leaving read Coffman’s post here.

By the way, I’m the new guy here at Digital Strips. I’ll be trying to keep on top of the web comics world and posting the news here.


2 thoughts on “Drama at Yirmumah

  1. That\’s pretty sad … No doubts that DJ can handle the writing and drawing tasks himself, but it always sad when a creative team breaks up…

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