Welton Colbert Gets Pimped Out

What is it about grumpy old men that we find so funny. It can’t possibly have anything to do with the Odd Couple getting old but there’s something about the senile old man that makes us yewts double over with mirth. In web comics that character is on it’s way to being immortalized by Ryan Estrada. After first becoming famous in a cover for the Web Examiner the old coot Welton Colbert has performed reviews for the Examiner and Comixpedia while hosting this year’s WCCA.

So were very excited to hear that Welton was picking himself up and volunteering to be drawn by others. I don’t know how Ryan convinced him but here are excerpts from the press release:

Welton has just learned about the concept of “Guest Week”. The idea that he can get someone ELSE to make a comic for him while he does nothing has peaked that crazy old coot’s interest. Have you ever wanted Welton to review your work? Here’s your chance. Draw a comic about Welton reviewing your comic. That’s right, you get to review your own strip.

Anyone is invited…and the best ones will appear in a very special edition of Welton Colbert on Comixpedia. Deadline is December 3rd. Size and format are all up to you. Only rule is he has to review something that YOU YOURSELF worked on.

Send strips to Ryan@ryanestrada.com.


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