Manga Bickering

The debate rages on. Today’s comic features a conversation we’ve had several times on the podcast, but it was high time to lay it right out on the table here in the comic. You may be asking yourself, “Self, why are Daku and Zampzon hunting out in the marshlands?” Well, I wrote the dialog as you see it in the comic and if I just followed that it would be pretty boring just having the talking heads like usual. So, I threw in the hunting scene just to spice it up visually. Safety orange usually equals funny.

As usual, any comment and/or criticism is welcome.


3 thoughts on “Manga Bickering

  1. I love the backdrops you use for you comics. They often relate in no way to the conversation, and really make the discussion occurring in the panels that much funnier for the absurd juxtaposition.

    Keep it up! =D

  2. Definitely should have included a \”someone or something accidentally gets shot\” joke. 🙂 Isn\’t space a bitch to work with? Keep up the great work guys!

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