01 Comics Names AP. Furtado New Creative Director

01 Comics presents itself as a comic book publisher for the digital age. They produce comics to the web in traditional comic book page format and over the past year or so they’ve collected a very talented and interesting stable of comic titles.

According to a recent press release AP. Furtado has been named as the new Creative Director for 01 Comics. Furtado is the well known creator behind TWEEN and a contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine. But, more recently Furtado has been working on one of the best graphic novel styled web comics out there, Elf N’ Troll (I’m actually a fan of this one) for 01 Comics. Furtado is a perfect choice for their Creative Director. I’m sure we can expect some really interesting things from them as 01 Comics develops.

Here is a quote directly from the press release: “01Comics.com announces that it has named AP. Furtado Creative Director for its web and print comic line. We’re really excited to have AP join our team,” said 01comics.com President Barry Gregory. “We were honored just to have a comic from him in our lineup of titles. Having him working alongside us as Creative Director is a huge coup for us.

“As a creator I was thrilled to have my work displayed along side such great talents as Mitch Byrd, Randy Reynaldo, Jenni Gregory, Steven Butler, Christopher Mills, and so many other top notch creators,” said AP. Furtado. “As Creative Director, I now have the ability to further promote these great artists and their respective works to the world at large. 01Comics.com is just beginning to pick up steam, and has a multitude of exciting projects and new creators coming to the site very soon. What we want to do is dispel the myth that webcomics and traditional print comics have to be a separate medium. We want to prove that the two can be merged into a viable and successful business model; one hand washing the other.”


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