“Stick” Gets Stuck In Dragon

I know this is actually almost a week and a half late but I just found it today and was really excited about it.

Rich Burlew the man behind Order of the Stick announced earlier that his popular strip will be appearing in Dragon Magazine, starting in December. The comics will be stand-alone strips, featuring Burlew’s popular characters but not interfering with the story presented in the online series.

Order of the Stick is a popular stick figure comic based in the world of the tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons. Dragon is a magazine featuring articles about the same world making the union a perfect match.

Hopefully in the future more publications will find online comics that fit their niche audience and more such partnerships will be formed.

You can read about it in Burlew’s own words in the news section of his website.

So let’s here it for another web cartoonist getting published!


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