A Change in the Real Life and More Yirmumah Drama

Greg Dean of Real Life comics has made a change in his life, deciding to pursue a career in the culinary arts. According to an announcement on his site today, Dean is in the process getting things arranged to that he can attend classes at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Dean has also offered a sketch, in the form of Christmas card, to any fan that helps him get the financial side of things organized by donated $25 or more. This is the first time I personally have seen him come out and ask for help with anything. Dean assures fans that he will still try to maintain his 5 times a week schedule.

Even though I didn’t want to rhyme drama with Yirmumah so soon again, that’s what DJ has on his hands. Apparently there were some, well let’s just call them complications, with his taking part in the Sketch Battles. The controversy has been covered pretty extensively on Comixpedia and, of course, Yirmumah. Basically, from what I’ve been able to gather, DJ Coffman was accused of cheating in his sketch battle. After some conflicts with, Sambro, an administrator at Sketchbattle, Coffman decided to simply stop competing. Later, Deemo, another admin, issued an apology for the confusion and trying to straighten things out. I’m not going to comment on who was right or wrong since I really don’t know. You guys can read and decide for yourselves.

Note: the reporter in me really wants to read things from Sketch Battle’s side of things but I can’t find anything. If anyone has a link, I’d like to check it out.


8 thoughts on “A Change in the Real Life and More Yirmumah Drama

  1. I just want to point out that I think DJ is totally in the right on this one. The admin of Sketch Battle openly admitted to tampering with the tally numbers DURING the contest. That is inexcusable in a competition like this. How can any of the results of any more battles be trusted? DJ was screwed over and if Sketch Battle wants to continue with any kind of credibility they should issue an apology to everyone involved, explain in detail what was done and how and place someone else in charge of managing the results. Until that happens I see it as a rigged, staged exercise.

    They shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  2. Yeah, I tried to stay objective in the post, but I\’ve been looking all day and haven\’t found anything to back up Sketch Battle\’s claims or any explination as to what DJ\’s motive would be.

    I really don\’t understand.

  3. Hey guys– I really doubt Sambro will be apologizing to me, but what he did was underhanded and not ethical at all.

    Honestly, the idea that I\’d cheat is ridiculous. I didn\’t even know it was possible to vote twice, but that guy admitted to fudging his own numebrs and voting twice– thats crazy!

    I can forgive him I guess because he\’s young and stupid. I was a crazy hot headed 19 year old once too– but I never would of pulled crap like that.

  4. Not to be a dick or anything, but some checking on the old English skills might be useful before a post is published. That one was difficult to read in a few places.

    Just thought I\’d point it out.


  5. OK I\’ve read DJ\’s comments, and I\’ve read the Sketch Battle comments on their forum.

    I don\’t see how Sketch Battle can think that they\’re justified in this.

    I was contemplating applying for sketch battle's next season but not now.

  6. Good catch on the five times a day thing. I fixed that and added a few commas.

    I\’m not sure what else I had problems with. If you let me know I\’m happy to fix them.

  7. I\’d just like to thank you guys for actually keeping the main blog post about this unbiased, despite opinions that may have leaned towards Yurmumah\’s side of things.

    I made a comment on Comixpedia\’s post about this as well… I don\’t think it applies as much to the post over here, but still, although I don\’t think Sambro handled this ideally, I think it\’s gotten a bit overblown. As he did admit it without trying to hide anything, and also added the votes back to the final tallies (and had always intended to), which seems to be looked over in a lot of discussion over this.

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