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Yep, that ‘s my icon. I’m actually making a post and I would have made one sooner but our new guys are just too damn good at their job. I’m actually going to have to start hunting for stuff outside my daily trawl. The past two weeks have been an avalanche of web comic drama that crashed as quickly as it exploded. Fear not, there have been developments:

Jack Thompson – This guy symbolizes the reason I don’t like to be called Southern and why I’m not a lawyer. Gabe nailed it when he talked on how Jill is the best thing to happen to video games, and now web comics, since the EA sweat shop. You may hate them but damn are they bringing more people around. The coup de grace though came a few days ago with this little gem of brilliance.

Calvin and Hobbes – I don’t care if this is not a web comic. Any book of comics which can debut #4 on the The New York Times’ hardcover miscellaneous list deserves praise and a swipe of the credit card. Other recognition comes in the form of #2 on The Book Standard’s Humor Chart and #32 on the Overall Chart. For those who were holding off to get the book as a Christmas present better rush to the stores now. The book’s publisher, Andrews McMeel, made huge miscalculations on how many would be bought and appears to be only making 25% of demand. There’s a good chance this book will be sold out by Thanksgiving.

Finder – You already heard Carla Speed McNeil was taking her indie comic to the web but here’s the site you were waiting for. It looks like Carla is taking the approach of a journal comic. I can definitely see the appeal and why this strip went web. Now just need to wait and see if she can make her pencil work come through a little better.

Joystiq – I know this isn’t an update but I can’t think of enough words to make a full article. The popular gaming site Joystiq has caught on to the plethora of gaming comics by way of a webcomic roundup. I knew I should have copyrighted that term. Anyway the site will keep it’s readers up to date once a week on a good list of gaming comics.


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  1. On the Calvin & Hobbes collection – I got mine at the local Sam\’s Club for a mere $82. I heard Costco had the same price as well. Cheaper than anyone else I found, especially factoring in shipping costs. It\’s a wonderful collection and Watterson\’s intro is awesome. You can see the very first attempt at C * & H…

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