DJ Coffman to Webcomic Community, “So You Want to Make Money with your Webcomics?”

The sometimes controversial, but always prolific, webcomic workhorse and cartoonist behind Yirmumah, DJ Coffman, has started a new site dedicated to helping other cartoonists find a business model for their comic creations. DJ has been able to work his own webcomic into a money making venture and now he’s offering ongoing advice for everyone to try and follow in his footsteps or even exceed his own success. This sort of thing could turn into a great resource and is certainly a generous act on DJ’s part to take time out of his busy schedule to try and help other members of the community. Here is a quote from DJ’s first post on the new blog:

In the coming weeks, months, years, whatever, I want to share with you things that have worked for me, report back to you on things that have worked for others and hopefully have anyone out there who wants to, share their own tips one making money with your webcomics. Beyond that, I’d like to share some marketing ideas for your work, some mainstream, some guerilla. Whatever helps you have more success with your work, that’s what I’ll be talking about. WHY? Because I want to see more webcomic creators succeed. Period. Even if you only do your webcomic, and are able to break even with hosting, pay your internet bills, buy some extra food, whatever, I want to help my fellow creators out by sharing what I know, and what I gather. So please, bookmark the blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, and check back often.

Webcomic: tips, techniques and random thoughts on making money with your webcomics.


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