By the Power of Ryan, They Unite!

Webcomic collectives, groups, whatever have been spawning quickly recently. We’ve spoken to several members about their various reasons for forming and goals they have set out for themselves. Today the official announcement that a new webcomic group was forming has been released to the public, The Ryans. It is a group made up of webcomic artists who’s first names are all Ryan. Seriously. Here is the official announcement from Ryan Estrada’s post to The Ryans blog (obviously, Mr. Estrada is one of the “Ryans”) :

Ryan North, Ryan Estrada and Ryan Sias are now known simply as……….. The Ryans. The northernmost Ryan, Ryan N., is the creator of Dinosaur Comics as well as the collaboration extravaganza Whispered Apologies. He is a member of several collectives, such as Dayfree Press and Truth and Beauty Bombs. South of him lives Ryan S. the creator of Silent Kimbly as well as Urban Transmission Project. He has worked on such things as Mad Magazine, Flight, Bowling for Columbine, and Robots. And in the far East, just back from Korea and Thailand and now in his way to India is artist, animator and adventurer Ryan Estrada. Ryan creates comics about his adventures, about a wiley old coot named Welton Colbert, and soon will be creating comics for Graphic Smash, GirlAMatic, Flight, and lots more.

Best of luck to all the Ryans involved. Now, can you imagine what would happen if all the “Scotts” in webcomics got together and formed a collective? Damn, that would be one huge collective.


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