Digital Strips Original Comic Art Auction for Charity

During the recent Webcomic Telethon for hurricane relief I submitted a comic strip to be a part of the event and to help out. You can view it on the telethon site by clicking here. I was proud to take part in such an important effort and such a big event in web comics.

Now, I’m taking it one step further and putting the original artwork for that comic up for auction on eBay. You can find the auction on the other side of this link. Every penny I get as a result of the auction will be donated to the Red Cross. I don’t mention the charity aspect to the auction in the eBay listing because of some of the red tape people have run into while trying to post auctions for charity, but I’m telling you all here, it all goes to the Red Cross.

As an added incentive, the winner of the auction will also receive a free CD of every Digital Strips podcast to date. As of today, that’s 39 shows. So, if you missed our stuttering and stumbling first few episodes, the pile of web comic reviews we’ve don so far, or our interviews with Wes Molebash, Scott Kurtz, DJ Coffman, and many others here is your chance to own it all.

Remember, this is all for charity as part of the Webcomic Telethon. Please start bidding because not only does the artwork look good on a wall, it’s for a great cause.


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