DS 39: Guest Review of Scooter and Ferret, Rob and Elliot, and Star Cross’d Destiny

Digital Strips : Show 39 [9.5 MB]
This week we review three web comics with the help of special guest Phil Kahn, a fellow web comic critic. Phil’s blog is “I’m Just Saying” where he posts reviews on web comics. The Web Comic Scavenger Hunt ends this week, so be sure to get your lists in by midnight Sept. 30th. Zoinks, the web comics magazine is about to be released. We each made a pick for this week and get into the reviews.This week we feature three web comic reviews. Here are the comics we talk about this week:

  • Scooter and Ferret by Scott and Georgia Ball
  • Rob and Elliot by Clay and Hampton Yount
  • Star Cross’d Destiny by Blair B
  • Digital Strips Comic: I’ve decided to change the comic strip updates to Thursdays. I’ve found myself working on both the show and the comic on the weekends and I really need to be able to focus on one at a time to do either properly. So, from now on the DS comic strip will get posted on Thursdays.

    This week’s Entry from the We Love Web Comics Contest:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ] Entry sent in by : Eric NaultContestant Web Site : Hellbound

    6 thoughts on “DS 39: Guest Review of Scooter and Ferret, Rob and Elliot, and Star Cross’d Destiny

    1. My fav. R&E strip so far is the movie check one – when they imagine rolling around in money…

      and then they get a check and decide to do the exact same thing.

      (I am going to proberly get an audio ad for my comic soon…)

    2. i like your guest host for this episode. phil livened it up, and it needed livening. what happened this time around, zampzon? you were especially low-key, low-energy for this show. try some coffee.

    3. Loved the review guys! Thanks! Some parts all too kind. To answer you – there is no \”e\” in Star Cross\’d Destiny to seperate the comic version from the original novel version I wrote six years ago, \”Star-Crossed Destiny\”. Star Cross\’d with the apostrophe is the Shakespearean spelling of the term.

      And just for the record the controller of Earth comes in about two chapters from now. ^_^ And it\’s really another one of those webcomics meant to be in print so reading it on the web can get confusing. ^_- Thanks so much for your words!

    4. I enjoyed this week\’s installment – one of my favorite webcomics is R&E. You guys did a great job delving into what makes this comic a unique player in the webcomics universe. I also enjoyed guest-host Phil – any chances that he can be a \’regular\’ on future Digital Strip installments?

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