Fox Picks Up “You Damn Kid!”

It looks like TV stations are catching on faster then the print world, but then I think we all saw this coming eventually. You Damn Kid! is a long time member of Keenspot and has been rather well lately, so well that Owen Dunne and Keenspot have signed with 20th Century Fox Television and former Fox TV group chairman Sandy Grushow’s Phase Two to bring it to the talk box. How does a web comic manage to get on the good side of some TV executives? From the press release:

While “Kid!” may tackle provocative subjects, the themes are universal. “Everyone’s been a kid, and most people believe their family is strange,” said Keenspot Co-CEO Chris Crosby. “Owen’s created a family comedy in the proud tradition of ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Family Guy,’ and ‘Arrested Development.’ It’ll feel right at home at Fox, no doubt about it.”


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