Webcomic Telethon Book Now Available

The hugely successful Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon, organized by Brad Guigar and Blank Label Comics, has now passed. But, the effort continues. The site for the telethon will remain up and available for the foreseeable future and the next stage of charity is at hand. Blank Label Comics has collected many of the comics that were used in the telethon into a printed collection and now you can order the book.

The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon Book is available through Lulu.com and costs $11.95 plus shipping. All the proceeds from the book sales will be donated directly to the Red Cross. Now you can own a piece of web comic history and feel good about doing it since it’s for such a good cause. Buy 10 copies! They make great Christmas gifts. You can tell the person you give it to how the money for it went towards charity.


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