Scooter and Ferret Update

Amongst the web comic picks on our most recent show was the excellent comic Scooter and Ferret. Since posting the show we’ve had a nice exchange with Georgia Ball, half of the team responsible for the comic and we have come to find out that there were a few inaccuracies in our original discussion on the show.

We had mentioned that Scooter and Ferret was a relative newcomer to the web comic scene with only 3 months worth of comics in their archive. This is, in fact, not the case. They’ve actually been limiting the availability of the S&F comics by only allowing access to the previous 3 months worth of comics, but the comic itself is over a year and a half old. Our apologies to Scott and Georgia for getting that detail wrong.

After hearing the show and noting how neither Phil, Daku, or myself realized the actual length of the comic they’ve decided to abandon the limited archive and post the full run of Scooter and Ferret up to their site. So, now you can go and read this great comic in it’s entirety as it was intended to be read. Very cool indeed.


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