Aucition For Your Own 24 Hour Comic Drawn by Ryan Estrada

The amazing Ryan Estrada, creator of the first ever 168 hour comic (well, 175 really), is about to make web comic history again. He has put himself up for auction to create a custom 24 Hour Comic about anything the winner of the auction wants … and all original artwork … and the legal rights to co-publish the work.

For those of you who have been reading comics on the web for any length of time you’ve probably heard the term ’24 Hour Comic’. This is typically a yearly event held by various comic artists and cartoonists in which they commit themselves to creating a 24 page comic in 24 hours. The event is meant to really test the artists’ mettle and promote a strong commitment to just sitting down and getting the darn thing finished. Many have come away from such an experience learning a lot about themselves and their abilities. Most surprise even themselves with the results.

The ever awesome Ryan Estrada committed himself recently to completing a 168 hour comic. This work is along the same lines as the 24 hour comic, but takes place during a week instead of a day. The result was a web comic event talked about and discussed and cheered on across the world of web comics.

Now Ryan is pushing the concept in a completely different direction by posting an auction for a custom made 24 hour comic. Here is a quote from the auction page, “The winning bidder can give me a title, or a description of what they’d like the comic to be about. Or perhaps send me a link to your character or comic, it could be a 24 page guest strip. I will then spend 24 hours, making a page an hour, and finish a 24 page comic book about whatever you want. The original art will then be sent to the winning bidder. Both myself and the winning bidder will have the right to post or publish the work, meaning if you want the comic to put on your website or in your anthology or magazine, that’s great. But I get to put it on my site, or in one of my books as well, with credit to you.

As far as I know, this is another first for the 24 hour comic concept. Ryan is a true innovator in the world of web comics and I can’t wait to see what comes out of this project. Happy bidding.


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