DS 32: Review of Surliness

Digital Strips : Show 32 [16 MB]
This week we play another interview we recorded during ConnectiCon 2005. We speak with Richard Dachtera, the cartoonist behind Surliness. This web comic follows the antics of an IT department on a college campus and a mutant lobster man.Also during the show we talk about Ryan Estrada, the new Digital Strips comic section to our site, and my upcoming visit to Otakon. Do you want to hear a sound seeing tour for Otakon like I did for ConnectiCon? Be sure to let us know by emailing the show.

This week we talk about :

  • Surliness by Richard Dachtera
  • Digital Strips Comic: Inspiration from Surliness

    This week’s Entry from the We Love Web Comics Contest:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ] Entry sent in by : Bryan ChojnowskiContestant Web Site : Muffin Time

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