New Artist at Least I Could Do

Now they’ve gone and done it. We met these guys at ConnectiCon and we were completely impressed by their whole operation. So much so that we grabbed an interview with Ryan, Chad, and Randy and asked them question after question. Of course I won’t forget the panel these guys gave at the end of the day Friday which went on for 2 hours, an hour over their scheduled time. You wouldn’t believe the topics covered, well if you read the strip you just might.

For those who are not familiar Least I Could Do is the story of Rayne and his friends. Rayne is your atypical Player in that he actually is successful with women, and just about everything else he does. The first incarnation of LICD was drawn by Trevor Adam for 8 months before Trevor returned to the unrealistic world of 9-5 jobs. A couple months later Sohmer was joined by Chad Porter and the strip took off from there giving LICD a huge following for such a young strip. Well it looks like the curse of the real world has struck again as Chad has decided to have a social life outside of his 10 hour a day job and 4 hours a day dedication to the strip. The new artist is Lar deSouza, an old friend of Sohmer’s. Mosey on down and see what the effect of bringing on a new style can do to a strip. Knowing these guys they’ll find some way to use this as an excuse to bring their game to the next level.


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