When 168 Hours Is Just Not Enough

We said he was crazy for attempting 168 hours of straight comic writing but then it turns out that being named Ryan implies that you’re crazy. Enter Ryan Armand, who completed his own 168 page comic in less then 168 hours. Any more Ryans out there? Estrada attempted the 168 page marathon to hold a record and there was no way he was just going to give up. So instead of the 168 hour comic we are getting the 336 hour comic fortnight.

The conclusion? Ryan Estrada is going to make it 300 hours before he realizes he’s forgotten how to do anything except stay up and create comics. He’s simply never going to stop.


2 thoughts on “When 168 Hours Is Just Not Enough

  1. Ryan gave up at 175….

    It\’s inspiring though. I\’d like to try something like that if only I had the time. I could totally set some kind of record.

  2. I\’d like to try something like that with animation… no way I could hit 24 min of anim but it\’d be fun to have a huge goal set

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