DS 29: Review of Year One, Penny and Aggie, Extra Life, and Professor Paradox

Digital Strips : Show 29[15.9 mb]
After so many “special” episodes of Digital Strips we decided to do a regular review show. We still have several interviews we recorded at ConnectiCon to play for everyone over the coming weeks, but this week we wanted to get back to the core purpose of the show, exposing you to great web comics.Here are the comics we talk about this week:

  • Year One by Mike Parkinson
  • Penny and Aggie by T. Campbell and Gisele Lagace
  • Extra Life by Scott Johnson
  • Professor Paradox by Steve Voudrie
  • [ Click the image to see it full size ] Entry sent in by : Tom RayContestant Web Site : Homemade Cartoons

    11 thoughts on “DS 29: Review of Year One, Penny and Aggie, Extra Life, and Professor Paradox

    1. hey I was looking through your link archives adn I noticed you guys haven\’t reviewed a comic on Drunk duck. Do you guys need some links to stuff on DD that\’s worth a review?

    2. Zampson in this one is quiet almost to the point of being totally inaudible. Is there something wrong with my sound or is this for real? Anyhow, great show, as usual. I\’m glad you guys did another review show, I was really starting to miss them.

    3. Mitch, yes I know the sound levels are a little off this week. Daku\’s sound started off too low and I may have overcompensated the gain boost.

      I\’m working to fix it, but it will take some time. I\’ll make another post once it\’s done.

    4. Great show guys. Appreciate the mentions and the kind words. You guys REALLY do your homework, which I suspected before, but now that a review has been done on my own work, its easy for me to see just how much. Really appreciate it. 🙂

      Hey, Daku: The artwork is not \”realistic\” enough? 🙂

    5. I never can explain what I mean by realistic and Zampzon loves to give me hard time about it. Completely understand how the art style you draw matches what you are looking for in your presentation. When looking at the style alone though I tend to prefer the more anatomically correct style of american comics of the early 90\’s. It\’s just a matter of taste but your whole presentation delivers exactly what you want.

    6. Hey guys,

      I\’ve been trying to download your show via iTunes, but it shows the link you have there as broken, am I doing something wrong ?

    7. We\’ve been trying to get that fixed ever sense iTunes started that. I think I\’ve sent in complaints from at least 10 different emails but yet Apple is ignoring us. We don\’t know what else to do to fix it.

    8. If you use the iTunes directory to find our show listed you\’ll see our old RSS feed. We\’ve since changed it\’s location and iTunes is unresponsive when we ask them to use the new one in the directory.

      Go to our \”Show\” page and find the RSS feed directly and add it to iTunes manually. That will work just fine.

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