Digital Strips … The Beginning

Daku and I continue to work at developing our own comic strip to supplement the site and show. Once I get enough of these strips done I’ll put up a section on the site where everyone can read through them. For now though, I’ll just post them piece-meal like I’ve been doing.

For the beginning of the strip we want to introduce the over all concept of what we’re all about, an origin story if you will. I’m experimenting with some possibilities, but we start off with the cold hard facts:

Please let me know what you think! Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips … The Beginning

  1. It definitely looks great. And a first strip is usually the hardest to make funny. I think you did allright there. Not laugh out loud for me, but still amusing.

  2. The art has lots of cute features. The hoity-toity props (luxury chair, dressing gown or whatever it is), the almost impossible way you\’re holding your wine glass, Daku\’s blank look. I like this art style probably best out of the 3 I\’ve seen – this one, the last drop one and the scratchier one.

  3. Wade, many thanks for the comments. I think I found some character designs I\’m comfortable with. I am still working on the style, but I\’m getting happier with it.

    Phil, thanks for taking the time. The lack of a laugh yet is kind of ok considering this is a set up of the next series of strips in which we compare this boring truth to some more outlandish possibilities. We\’ll see how it goes.

    If it\’s any consolation, Daku laughed and so did my wife 🙂

  4. I laughed, thought it was great! But maybe I\’m biased since I\’ve been good friends with Daku since 1st grade and can picture him saying that…

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