KeenSPACE Sees a New Beginning in Comic Genesis

The big 4 at KeenSPOT have finally reached an agreement with the Keenspace artists over the new name for KeenSPACE. The name KeenSPACE has long held confusion when compared to Keenspot. Which one was the free one and which was one of the web’s most successful web comic stories? Fear no more as the new name has been made official: KEENSPACE TO BECOME COMIC GENESIS. In the past “ToonSPACE” was originally chosen as the new name, but it received negative response prompting a number of user polls. This led to KeenSPACE being rebranded as Comic Genesis, or ComicGen for short.


3 thoughts on “KeenSPACE Sees a New Beginning in Comic Genesis

  1. Actually, the vast majority of Keenspace artists, who probably never read the forums or homepage, are probably still unaware of the change.

    I\’m still waiting for an email about it.

  2. RedWolf (The Admin) tells me that now he\’s working on a new mailing utility that will mail everyone on Keenspace (regardless of forums or whatever) with the instructions and change issues.

    Of course, we\’re still getting all the change info and real new frontpage ready, so it\’s better not to spam people until it\’s ready to make the change as painless as possible.

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