Imryll Comics Returns With a Contest

Another comic has been revived out of the collapse of Roxcomics. Imyrll Comic is now live in the new Transplant Comics community. To celebrate it’s return Jimmy is having a contest starting Monday July 25th with the prizes being a signed copy of “Hat Full Of Sky,” by Mr. Terry Pratchett, a special edition CD/DVD black-cased copy of Kasabians self-titled album, some Imryll sketches, and some very well drawn original ink artwork from a project that never got off the ground. There will be only one winner and the judging is done using Jimmy’s own standard to be announced tomorrow. The competition will probably run for two weeks.

To enter the contest you must fill in the speech bubbles for this strip and then post it. You can alternatively email it to Jimmy and give your name. Unfortunately Jimmy’s very random strip has not been updating as much recently and has been downgraded to updating once a week on Mondays.


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