Gaijin Studios Calls on Cartoonists to Unite

As many have probably found out recently Wizard Entertainment announced the location and dates for Wizard World 2006. If you have been to either of the past ones you can probably know what this means for Atlanta, which only has DragonCon as the closest thing to a comic book convention. To give an idea Wizard World Chicago attracted 54,000 people. So of course I marked this on my calendar. That’s when I noticed something pointed out by an email from Gaijin Studios. Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC occurs on the same date.

The Heroes Convention has been around since 1982 and is one of the oldest Cons for Comics. The email sent by Gaijin Studios can be found at PvP in it’s entirety but to summarize they are calling for the support of cartoonists to support Shelton and Heroes Con with any kind of show of force to convince Wizard to move the date. Apparently this tactic of Wizard is only the first step in doing the same to other conventions. Wizard could be making a bid to become the next Comic-Con.


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