Zoinks!, The Web Comic Newspaper, Returns to Print

Have you ever wished you could read your favorite web comics while in the bathroom, but that darn laptop just keeps slipping off your lap? Well, I have just the thing for you. Zoinks! Magazine, The Webcomic Newspaper has announced it’s triumphant return to the printed page.

Under the guidance of Bill Charbonneau and his Boneflake Studios, Zoinks! will be commissioning various web comic content to appear in it’s pages. The magazine looks very much like the comics page out of a regular newspaper and features commentary and news on the web comic community. Each page is full of comic strips found all over the web, big names and small. Zoinks! will be coming out on a monthly schedule and can be subscribed to through their site or bought individually. You can also submit your own web comic for consideration or send in news and announcements as they pertain to comics on the web. Considering the fact that this could end up in comic book shops and bookstores having a strip printed in Zoinks! could have a big impact on web comic creator exposure.

Daku and myself will have a column in the paper where we will write reviews of web comics we find interesting, much like one of our review shows without the stuttering. The title of our review column will be “.Comics”, so be sure to look for it in the first issue due out this October. I have a copy of the “pilot” issue printed a while ago that Bill sent us after we talked about his own comic, Voices in My Hand, on our show and I have to say I was really impressed. It is a very professional presentation of comics and because of the sources of the material you get an unprecedented variety in the comic strips in one collection. This really blows away any comics page I’ve ever seen in a newspaper and as soon as I saw it I wanted to get involved. I highly recommend having a look!


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