DS 23: Interview with Scott Kurtz p2

Digital Strips : Show 23 [10.6mb]
Today we feature part 2 of an interview with Scott Kurtz, the creator and artist behind PVP. Scott is one of the most well known professional cartoonists on the web. During the interview he discusses how he got started with web comics and why. He talks about fans, Image comics, and so much more.Remember, this is only part 2. Part 1 was posted on Monday, so scroll down or head over to our ahow archive to grab the first part, and part 3 will be online for download on Friday. Be sure to check back here to get the full interview.

This week we talk about the following web comic:

  • PVP Online by Scott Kurtz
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    3 thoughts on “DS 23: Interview with Scott Kurtz p2

    1. This was being controled by dynamic code on the same page. Maybe your cache didn\’t update when you came back.

      I changed the link page to prevent this from happening again, thanks. It links to show 23 now.

    2. This interview is great.
      I hope you guys do more like it.

      I'll definitely be coming back for part three.

      Thanks for the great show.

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