Blank Label Comics Gains two new members

It looks like all the denials about not expanding any time soon was just a ploy. Blank Label Comics has just announced two new members in Dave Kellett, creator of Sheldon, and Greg Dean, creator of Real Life. Maybe this was the big thing Kris mentioned in our interview with him and David Willis. From the announcement:

Beyond the formidable wealth of cartooning experience they bring to Blank Label Comics, both possess enviable business savvy and self-publishing knowledge. Kellett’s self-published “A Well Balanced Meal,” a collection of college-newspaper strips from 1993 to 1996, sold through three printings. Since taking “Real Life” independent in 2003, Dean has not only solicited and sold advertising for his site, but he has expanded his comic-related merchandising past books to t-shirts and is currently exploring a line of licensed action figures or statuettes.


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