DS 22: Interview with Scott Kurtz p1

Digital Strips : Show 22 [12.4mb]
This week we feature part 1 of an interview with Scott Kurtz, the creator and artist behind PVP. Scott is one of the most well known professional cartoonists on the web. During the interview he discusses how he got started with web comics and why. He talks about fans, Image comics, and so much more.Remember, this is only part 1. Part 2 will be available this Wednesday and part 3 will be online for download on Friday, so be sure to check back here to get the full interview.This week we talk about the following web comic:

  • PVP Online by Scott Kurtz

  • [ Click the image to see it full size ]
    This week’s featured contest entry was sent in by : Paul CaughellContestant Web Site : Sanity Check

    5 thoughts on “DS 22: Interview with Scott Kurtz p1

    1. Cayen, unfortunately there isn't much I can do, it was recorded at that level. Daku just has to remember to talk into the mic.

      Don't worry, he rarely says anything important anyway.

    2. Scott Kurtz sounds like Owen Willson and Nicolas Cage… He seems a bit full of himself, I\\\’d never heard of him till a few months ago when I bothered with the rants from CAD.

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