Spawn as a Daily Strip?

At a recent appearance at Changing Hands Bookstore Todd McFarlane sat down with The Republic and answered a variety of questions. There are quite a few good ones such as “What are the major differences between a comic book and a graphic novel?” and “Why has there been a boom recently to the popularity of graphic novels?”. The most interesting part for DS though was his answer to the following:

In a previous interview you had said that someday you’d like to do a daily comic strip. Do you still have that aspiration?

I think it would be more satirical, you know like Dilbert or something … stuff about “I remember going through that, now let’s write the funny way of going through that,” Getting your taxes done, while at the same time you don’t miss the date with the pretty girl you’ve been trying (to get) for three weeks. Which one is more important now?


5 thoughts on “Spawn as a Daily Strip?

  1. Got to admire his attitude, though. \”No matter how \’weird\’ they might act, my fans put food on my table; I thank THEM for asking for my autograph.\” A noble sentiment, however expressed.

  2. Seung has a weird and funny sense of humor. He made that strip after he found out we had reviewed Two Nouns. That strip is great.

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