Web Comic Wrap-up

In looking for web comic news we tend to forget about the simple news of a great subscription based comic openning it’s archives or an excellent artist experimenting with new artforms. If you run a web comic or your favorite one has news email us and we’ll put up a post.

Narbonnic – In celebration of getting nominated for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Comedic Comic Shaenon Garrity has openned up her archives on Modern Tales for everyone.

The Stiff – Another WCCA nominee, Jason Thompson, opens his archives on Girl-A-Matic. This time it’s for Outstanding Dramtic Comic.

Z – A new Infinite Canvas strip by Ryan Estrada. Story of a kid who almost won the ultimate prize. I’m dying to see the whole canvas laid out instead of scene by scene. Excellent presentation though.

Amber Greenlee – Strikes it out on her own. It’s starting to sound like the best business model is to join an established group, build a fan base, and then run away cackling with bags full of money. Sounds like a plan to me. Amber’s new site is openning up the archives for No Stereotypes and Red Dahlia. Overall excellent artist who’s made it to my must read bookmarks thanks to this move.


3 thoughts on “Web Comic Wrap-up

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the support on the move! But for the records, there\’s no bags full of money in assosiation with the MT model.

    At least none I saw.


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