DS 15: Review of Too Much Coffee Man, Alpha Shade, Medium Large, and Filibuster Cartoons

Digital Strips : Show 15 [13.6 MB]
Show 15 is now online and ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode we finally announce the winner of the ‘We Love Web Comics Contest’. A special post will be made declaring the winner and showing off the winning comic submission later on. If you want to know who it is right now though, you can listen to this show.

This week we talk about the following comics:

  • Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler
  • Alpha Shade by Christopher Brudlos and Joseph Brudlos
  • Medium Large by Francesco Marciuliano
  • Filibuster Cartoons by JJ McCullough
  • After we discuss what we’ve been reading we talk about what you, our listeners, have been reading. This week’s listener submissions

  • Hello Cruel World sent in by Ron Braun
  • What Happens Next sent in by Matthew
  • Toonfische sent in by Philipp
  • Cheshire Grin sent in by Crash
  • You Damn Kid sent in by Peter Williams
  • This week we also feature our first audio feedback. Thanks to Jimmeh Gardner for being the first to give it a shot. I know the audio was really low, but that’s how he recorded it. If you want to send us feedback or your own audio comment send an email to digital.strips@gmail.com. That’s the show for this week. Enjoy!


    4 thoughts on “DS 15: Review of Too Much Coffee Man, Alpha Shade, Medium Large, and Filibuster Cartoons

    1. Hey, this is J.J. from Filibuster. Great show guys, and thanks for the nice review. I\’ll definately be a regular listener. You do good work.

      Not like those hacks at the \”Webcomic Review Club.\”


    2. Thank you very much for the kind words about \”Medium Large.\” It brought a big smile to my face (especially hearing just how many ways my last name can be pronounced).

      By the way, your podcast is one of the most professional-sounding I\’ve come across…very reminiscent of an NPR broadcast. I\’ll definitely be tuning in on a regular basis.

      Thanks again!

    3. Pretty funny how someone who says that \”Canadians don\’t know their country very well\” would say that \”Scott Brinson\” entered Cabinet and that Stephane Dion was a separatist.

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