We have a winner! As announced on show 15 of the Digital Strips Podcast the big winner of our ‘We Love Web Comics Contest’ has been announced. The winner is Crash, the artist behind the web comic Cheshire Grin. Crash was selected during a random drawing of all the entries we received which we did live on show 15. The winning entry is posted on the front page of our site and will remain there throughout all the posts of everyone else’s entry. That should take about a month.

Crash will be receiving a big pile of printed web comic books worth over $120.00. You can see all the books being given away on our contest page. Congratulations go to Crash and make sure you all stop by Cheshire Grin to see the web comic this entry comes from.

We want to thank everyone who sent in an entry to the contest. You all helped to make this a big success. Crash’s entry will be posted on our front page all week and every other entry will get a blog post each day starting next week. A permanent contest entry page will go up next week as well, so everyone can see each other’s work. Thanks everyone!


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