Podcast delayed

This is where everyone gets to send me flaming emails. Due to my real life the May 2nd podcast is going to be delayed until tomorrow night instead of tomorrow morning. Be sure to catch it as we will be annoucing the winner of the “We Love Webcomics Contest” as promised. We had many more entries then I expected and they were quite hysterical.


7 thoughts on “Podcast delayed

  1. The show should be online before midnight EST tonight.

    I know everyone is eager to hear who the winner of the contest is. You can blame Daku for having to wait a few hours longer. Grr.

  2. dewd! t3h revuers r l473? 7h4t suxx0r5. 3y3 w4n7 m3y3 m0kn33 b4k j0!

    sorry. couldnt help it. I get email like that from readers, I thought I should share the love with DS ^_^

  3. I don\’t know if either of you have looked at this comic or not, but I really enjoy Order of the stick ( http://www.giantitp.com/index.html ) It\’s a good strip updated twice a week that has a punchline every strip and an ongoing story. Excellent if you like gamer humour, still pretty funny if you don\’t

    -JM Campbell

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