DS 509: Maybe The Dingo Doodles Ate Your Baby

Elaine quotes a movie on SeinfeldIf you want joy and hilariousness in your animated stories, look no further than the Dingo Doodles channel on YouTube. Also, Tim Buckley made a brief, inexplicable change to his most notorious comic. Finally, Swan Boy has been compared to Seinfeld, so naturally Jason has to investigate that claim. His findings lie within!


0 thoughts on “DS 509: Maybe The Dingo Doodles Ate Your Baby

  1. Wow, a good pairing of Swan Boy with Buckley’s… bizarre decision – both look like they share the same humour.
    It’s funny – CAD was my very first webcomic. I can’t remember where I found the link that took me there, but until I found Buckley I had no idea that people were putting comics on the web. Something like a decade later, it’s funny how things turn out.

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